World Food Day

The essence of World food day is to remind us about the importance of good food in our world and the importance of making it accessible and available to everyone.

Every year the world loses 100 million metric tons of food which could feed 44 million people. This is 30% of food produced that is lost along the supply chain yearly as a result of several factors such as poor harvesting practices, handling, and lack of appropriate storage facilities, and in a continent like Africa, this statistic is at 45%. With 270 million Africans living in constant malnourishment, this rate of food loss is unconscionable.

The majority of these losses could be solved through implementations of cold storage solutions which could ultimately save millions of lives yearly as well as reduce carbon emissions and increase profitability for farmers, aggregators, and other businesses within the food value chain.

So in the spirit of world food day, let’s take extra caution when it comes to preserving our food to enable us to live in a more sustainable world.

Every piece of our food system matters so, Leave No One Behind.

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