Training at Mile 12 International Market.

As a part of launching our Ecotutu Hub at Mile 12 International Market, we organized a training session on Post Harvest Handling for fruit and vegetable traders at the Mile 12 market. The training was facilitated by two experts in the field – The African Farmer Mogaji and Ozioma Ukegbu-Onwordi.

The primary objective of this training was to educate the traders on efficient post-harvest handling techniques that can reduce food waste in the market and enable the sellers to maximize their profit. The attendees of this training have received new certification and are now recognized as ambassadors of Ecotutu in the Mile 12 market.

In addition to the positive impact that this training session has had on reducing food waste and increasing profit for traders, we believe that engagement initiatives like this facilitate a seamless relationship between our organization and the market community. By collaborating with local experts and providing valuable training sessions, we are able to establish trust and build meaningful relationships with the market community.

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