• Enabling businesses to
    preserve temperature-sensitive items
    on the go.

  • Now you can store your vegetables
    and other perishables for longer,
    without electricity.

  • Meet ICE CELL
    Our proprietary phase-cooling solution that
    delivers non-stop cooling.

About Us

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Who We Are
You may think we are just another cooling company. But we aren’t. Ecotutu is radically re-designing the way essential products are cooled.
We design, develop and deploy affordable cold value chain technology using internet of things (IoT) and renewable energy.
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To be a world leader in sustainable cooling technology, positively impacting people’s lives
To accelerate access to last-mile cooling technology in emerging markets

Why We Exist

Preserving perishables and moving temperature-sensitive items has for long been a major challenge, especially in developing countries with epileptic power supply. We are set to disrupt the entire cooling industry with new technology that doesn’t require a constant power source, enabling refrigeration of food products and life-saving items.

  1. We take care of each other

  2. We face challenges with optimism

  3. We are always open to collaboration

  4. We innovate with heart and balance

What We Do

Discover our impact areas.


Enabling farmers preserve their harvest, and vendors to keep food fresher for longer.
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Providing reliable end-to-end refrigeration of life-saving items.

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Building an easy-to-deploy platform to create complete visibility of cold supply chain.
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Are you interested in what we do at Ecotutu and would be interested in partnering with us for wider impact? Please fill out the form below or contact us at info@ecotutu.com

Our Team

We have a close-knit team that combines the rigors of research, engineering and business fundamentals to address complex problems in one of the most challenging environment in the world.

Our expertise includes hardware product design and development, renewable energy, refrigeration, embedded systems, business development, and communications.

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