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Our products and solutions provide unique opportunities for everyone at each point of the value chain to enable them maximize their profits and reduce wastes in the agricultural industry, as well as facilitating efficient storage and last mile delivery in the pharmaceutical industry

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We are building a thriving digital Cold-chain Marketplace

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Maximising Profit for Stakeholders in the Food Value Chain

Facilitating freshness and preventing rot from the point of harvest to the marketplace, through to the dining table.

Our solutions enable pharmaceutical companies to efficiently store and deliver temperature-sensitive items like vaccines.

Enabling Preservation and Last mile Delivery in the Pharmaceutical Sector.

Why Our Work Matters

Preserving food and other temperature-sensitive products has for long been a major challenge, especially in developing countries with epileptic power supply. Consequently, over 45% of food is wasted, largely due to lack of access to stable electricity to power cold storage. This is 45% less food in the markets and our tables. With so much advancement in science and technology in the world today, there is no justification for these statistics.

and here is why we will never stop...



To accelerate access to last-mile cooling technology in emerging markets



To be a world leader in sustainable cooling technology, positively impacting people’s lives


Standing Out

You may think we are just another cooling company. But we aren’t. Ecotutu is radically re-designing the way essential products are cooled.


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